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July 25, 2013


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Tim Penning

Good points Karen. I think academics need to retain a sense of humility when submitting and when reviewing. Research should be about learning and advancing the field, and well-supported and reasoned candor from reviewers contribute toward that.

Authors are naturally disappointed to receive a rejection, but need to understand why and seek to improve. Reviewers need to be careful and admit when they don't know or understand something an author has submitted, such as in a note to the editor admitting such.

"Meanness" is a function of tone, not the substance of what reviewers say. In my limited experience it has been rare.

Karen Russell

I absolutely agree that research should be about advancing the field, and sometimes I think both reviewers and authors forget that it's not about helping the author get published or protecting their own corner of the field, it's about creating knowledge.

I wish I would've said your next-to-last sentence. It's the crux of the matter.

Tiffany Gallicano

I greatly appreciate your blog post, Karen, and I appreciate how thoughtful you are in coordinating the review process. Many thanks!

Karen Russell

Thanks, Tiffany, and you're definitely one of those kind, thoughtful, generous reviewers who improve the Journal and the field through your work!

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