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16 July 2013


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Sarah Freeman

I think this sounds like a great addition to your class because it is so relevant...plus, it sounds like fun. I tried making my own infographic for a newsletter recently. It wasn't bad, but I look forward to try out some of these sites you mentioned to see how I can improve it for next time. Thanks, again, for sharing your resources with us, Karen.

Karen Russell

It does *sound* like fun but I found it very challenging -- glad it turned out a bit better for you! I do think it's important for students to know how to talk to a designer about them even if they're like me with no eye for design at all.

Hilary Fussell Sisco

I am doing a teaching panel at AEJMC on visual storytelling and I am going to be talking about a very similar infographic assignment I used in my class. I also find that my students can out design me as well!

Karen Russell

Actually I think my students can outdo me on almost anything. :P

I would love to hear more about visual storytelling. Is it a PR division panel? Hope to see you in D.C.

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