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18 September 2012


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Wow, I've been moving, too! And was without Internet at home for over a week. It was madness.

You are clearly doing a much better job of keeping things going in the meantime. I'm mostly moved, but still have to clear out some stuff and (ugh) finish cleaning the old place this weekend.

I suspect we'll both need a vacation after this... moving is no fun.

Karen Russell

This move has been more difficult than most -- the old house sold to the first person who went through it, and the new house wasn't ready, so my daughter and I lived in a hotel and a friend's basement for a total of 7 weeks, and the dust still hasn't settled from our adventures.

However, AT&T promises to have the Internet up by tonight and if that's the case the Week's Best will return on Monday.

As for a vacation... please God.


Wow. I will immediately stop complaining about my move, since at least I didn't have to include hotel and basement living in the trajectory. My biggest real problem, aside from the extended involuntary Internet abstinence, has been trying to figure out workarounds once I discovered there's no power outlet in the bathroom in the new place.

Karen Russell

OK, that made me laugh out loud. Because what kind of fool designed that? (And I wouldn't have noticed it, either.)

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