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09 November 2011


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Jacqui Chew

Thank you so much for participating and for this recap. The videos will indeed be posted on the site. We will send an update via fb and email.

We hope more from Athens will apply next year and we welcome volunteers frfom UGA if there is interest.

Stay well,


Urs E. Gattiker - @ComMetrics

Dear Karen

I just got your newsletter and went and watched the video from Deb Roy on the TED sight.

I really think it is very good indeed and plays the audience well (in a very positive sense) while the emotional stuff at the end (first three steps the kid does - wow) is an emotional highlight and very nice way to end this presentation.

A presentation rich of information, emotion and well structured. Simply interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Karen Russell

Urs, I agree. He's doing amazing work and presented it in a way that should touch us all. Glad you enjoyed it, too!

Karen Russell

Thanks, Jacqui, I'll definitely post the videos. And thanks to you and all the organizing team for putting together such a fantastic event

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