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28 April 2009


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David Meerman Scott

Great post. Yes, we all use jargon. But eliminating it makes you more human.

Heather Yaxley

I've noticed something when teaching PR practitioners to write for online is that many find it really hard not to write in PR-speak. By that I mean a really artificial type of language that you probably only ever see in press releases.

Indeed, this pseudo-communications is becoming more evident in the media - almost every news bulletin on television here in the UK starts with "he/she did xyz", with the "who" only revealed sometime in the next sentence.

So I definitely support writing that is human and relevant. But, I'd still like it to be grammatically correct without any spelling errors.

Karen Russell

Thanks, David. You and Heather are both right -- people are going to have to strike a balance between being natural (as Heather says, human and relevant) and being professional, in recognition of the fact that they represent an organization and not just themselves.

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