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03 December 2008


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Dawn Gilpin

Oh, thanks: I don't think I've ever been on a Top Anything list! Now I see where all my new follows are from this morning.

We should organize a PR Educators' Tweetup. ICA?

Tiffany Derville Gallicano

Thanks for this list, Karen, and thank you for including me. I just signed up for everyone on the list and look forward to the conversations.

Gee Ekachai

OMG, Thanks so much for including me, Karen. But you absolutely should be on the list too!! I learn so much from your tweets and this blog site. I like the Tweetup idea at ICA especially when it will be in Chicago, right in my backyard. :-)

Elizabeth Albrycht

Thanks for including me! And I just followed a few people you mentioned that I hadn't discovered yet, so thank you.

Kelli Matthews

Hey, thanks! I got a few new follows too that looked like UGA students. I love following and, being followed by, students.


Dr. Russell - is your RSS feed messed up?

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